1800 No Graffiti Services

At 1800 No Graffiti, we take pride in our work and perform all jobs with professionalism and integrity. 'We do what we say we will do', time after time after time.

During the 15+ years of service to our clients, we have built our business to provide services across Australia to many national retailers, service providers and banking networks.

This national co-ordination has allowed us to build a network of teams across the country that have been trained in our method of service delivery, not only in terms of client satisfaction but our methods of cleaning and graffiti removal in strict adherence to our independently certified OH&S Risk Management policies.

In addition to graffiti removal, we undertake many other jobs from low rise residential and commercial buildings to houses and shops throughout Australia. Our customised machinery, our adapted business hours and developed skill set allow us to deliver an unmatched service to our clients.

We conduct our work when our clients don’t! This allows us to deliver our clients a clean and graffiti-free public image prior to the commencement of business each day.

We service our clients by offering a range of cleaning services listed below;

• 100% Graffiti Removal
• Hot & Cold Pressure Cleaning
• Façade Cleaning
• Line Marking and Hardware
• Carpark Cleans
• Driveways & Brick Paving
• Building Washdowns
• Anti Graffiti Coatings
• Sealing of Hard Surfaces
• Warehouses & Workshops
• Machinery & manufacturing Equipment

We are exempt from the current water restrictions (permit # WRE 003668) and have 24/7 standpipe access to Sydney’s water (License #4980897) allowing us to continue business as usual and giving our clients piece of mind.

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