1800 No Graffiti Environmental Protection

We have a strong affinity with the environment and the Australian bush and are dedicated to ensuring that only environmentally friendly chemicals are used in our graffiti removal and clean downs. As such, we have developed our own Environmental Management Policy and this policy has been independently certified.

No waste product from any of our graffiti removal activities pollutes the environment. Our products are biodegradable and rendered inert when in contact with the soil. We have reduced our liquid waste generated to only 20% of jobs undertaken and in all these cases we have a Waste Water Recovery Practise in place. We physically contain all waste water on a job then
mechanically collect it and remove it from site (in line with EPA guidelines).

All waste water is rendered pH neutral prior to its discharge to sewer, in line with Sydney Water Discharge Guidelines.

All solid waste is collected and removed from site and disposed of through Sydney's Waste Authority.

We are actively embracing our next goal! That is the recycling of all waste water collected for reuse in our business.

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