Occupation Health & Safety

At Jetmaster we believe that virtually all work place injuries are preventable and we have developed our Occupational Health and Safety Policy to be specific to our business. This policy has been independently certified as the work we undertake is varied, vast and encompasses the use of machinery and chemicals for both the removal of graffiti and general cleaning.

We work with our clients' property right across Australia and each job offers its unique challenges. Our OH&S policy has been developed in co-operation with those people undertaking the jobs themselves. With the needs of our client to protect their staff and the general public foremost in our minds our policy has been developed to protect all parties.

With all parties needs being protected, we designed a descriptive workflow for each job and have been able to document many of our standard tasks. Accordingly a protocol has been established and is defined within our OH&S policy for every client task allowing it to be undertaken safely and efficiently.

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